Mandarin Weekly #5: February 16th, 2015

Issue #5 of Mandarin Weekly is out.  You can read it here.  Subscribe to our e-mail list via the form on the left, and/or to our Twitter feed.

Among the topics covered this week, gathered from blogs and Q&A forums from around the Web:

  • Spring Festival phrases
  • Hacking Chinese monthly challenge: Pronunciation
  • Working Hard — listening practice
  • Six ways to say “thank you”
  • “Separable verbs” — a misleading and unnecessary concept
  • Funny words in Chinese
  • Phrases for Valentine’s Day
  • Company names in China
  • How do you ask, “What day of the week is that?”
  • How do new characters get added to the language?
  • Knowing your left from your right
  • Starbucks sizes in China
  • What does 马马虎虎 mean?


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