Do you sell products or services to students of Chinese? Mandarin Weekly is a great way to tell a huge audience about what you’re offering.

Every week, Mandarin Weekly reaches more than 20,000 students of Chinese.  Each issue contains 15-20 links to blog posts, videos, and other online resources that were published in the previous week.

Mandarin Weekly offers a number of different ways to sponsor content, above and beyond our (free) links:


Issue sponsorship

You can sponsor an issue of Mandarin Weekly.  This gives you the lead (first) link in the issue — with headline, body text, and a 200×200 image. If you’re selling Chinese lessons, apps, or other resources for students of Chinese, then this guarantees you a prominent spot in every Mandarin Weekly subscriber’s e-mail.

Sponsored links

“Sponsored links” are just like Mandarin Weekly’s regular links — they have a title and body text. They are marked as sponsored, so that subscribers can distinguish them from the editorially selected links. This is a great, low-cost way to let students know about your product or service.  You don’t get to include an image, but you do get a link and your content is placed alongside other (non-sponsored) links.

Interested in advertising?

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