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Intro to tones Beginner Pronunciation

Tones are an essential part of speaking (and understanding) Chinese. Here is an intro to this topic that will make a big difference in being understood:

Extremely important! Beginner Grammar

How can you indicate that something is very, extremely, or especially good/bad/ugly? Use these adverbs:

Twitter: @DecodeChinese

About this many Intermediate Grammar Video

How can you talk about an approximate number of things, such as “a few skirts” or “several bottles of beer”? Use 几 (jǐ):

Twitter: @ECLSchool

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Laughing online Beginner Characters Culture

Ever write “ha, ha” in an online forum or chat? Of course you have. How do you do this in Chinese, and what connotations might it have? Here’s an introduction to the subject:

Twitter: @ChinesePod

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Using 甚至 (shèn zhì) Intermediate Grammar Video

Working so hard that you forgot to eat? So tired you didn’t do your homework? You can indicate just how serious something is with this word, as described here:

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Enclosure component 囗 (wéi) Intermediate Characters

Many characters sit inside of the “enclosure” component. Here is some background on it, and a list of characters that use it?

Twitter: @DecodeChinese

Hot pot! All Food

Hot pot is one of the most famous (and, if I may add, most delicious) dishes you can get in China. Here’s a history of hot pot, along with some suggestions for how to eat it:

Twitter: @Ltlmandarin

Making suggestions Beginner Grammar Video

How can you turn a statement into a suggestion? The 吧 (ba) character is what you’re looking for, as described here:

Twitter: @Fluent_Mandarin

Ten music videos Intermediate Video Culture

It’s always nice to listen to music, and listening to Chinese music is an especially good way to increase your comprehension of both language and culture:

Twitter: @FluentU

Jokes! Intermediate Grammar

Here are some jokes you can tell in Chinese. Or you can just laugh at them yourself; we’re not going to judge:

Twitter: @FluentU

Your parents’ favorite phrases Intermediate Expressions

Parents are always telling their children to do things. Here are 10 such phrases, in Chinese, that you have probably heard and/or said:

Twitter: @chineseclass101

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The hardest character All Characters

Think you have learned some hard Chinese characters? Try this one:

Animated films for kids Intermediate Video

Are your children learning Chinese (or are you happy to watch childrens’ TV)? Here are some animated films you can watch, in Chinese, to improve your comprehension:

Twitter: @MissPandaChines

The cat’s meow All Culture Characters

How do cats meow in Chinese? Just as they do in English, as described here:

Twitter: @larbchina

All about tofu All Food

You are probably familiar with tofu, but did you know that it was invented in China and that it is part of many Chinese staple dishes?

Twitter: @Ltlmandarin

Chinese poetry Advanced Culture

Here are some famous Chinese poems (with English translation):

Twitter: @WrittenChinese

New glasses Beginner Story

Getting new glasses? Here’s a story of someone doing that in Chinese?

Twitter: @imandarinpod

Farmer’s son Intermediate Story

Here’s a story about a farmer’s son, helping to improve the crop yields:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

Purple tea set Advanced Story

Here’s a story about a special tea set, and its origins:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

What time is it? Advanced Grammar

Does it matter if you include 了 when you ask the time in Chinese?

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