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Using 倍 (bèi) Intermediate Grammar Video

How do you indicate multiples? With 倍:

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Will you marry me? Beginner Grammar Video

Want to get married? Here are 10 ways to ask for his/her hand in Chinese:

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Working with others Beginner Grammar Video

Want to do things with other people? I know, I know — it’s often easier to do things yourself! But if you want to work with others, then you might as well know how to talk about it in Chinese:

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What a train! Advanced Characters Video

Can you identify the biggest advantage of this new train model? Read the promotional information and see if you can answer the question:

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About chopsticks All Culture Food

Even if you’ve never visited China, you probably know that people there use chopsticks (rather than a fork and knife) when eating. Here’s an introduction to the history and culture of chopsticks:

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Chinese lunar calendar All Culture

The lunar calendar in China

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Word order in Chinese Intermediate Grammar

Chinese grammar might be simple, but word order can still be surprisingly tricky for many beginners (and intermediate) learners. Here’s a good introduction to the subject, and how to think about it:

Celebrating 清明節 ( qīng míng jié) All Culture

Earlier this month was 清明节, a major Chinese holiday. How do people celebrate it? Here are some details about the holiday, its traditions, and its vocabulary:

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Social media terms Intermediate Culture

Social media exists in China, and people there have come up with their own terms for important words and phrases:

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The real meaning Intermediate Expressions

Many simple Chinese expressions and phrases have implied meanings above and beyond the simple and straightforward words. Here are some such phrases; be sure to look at the final definition for each phrase to get the implied meaning:

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Fly a kite Intermediate Story

Want to fly a kite? Here’s a story about this fun activity:

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Public numbers Advanced Story

What’s a public number? And why would you care? Here’s a short story about them:

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Online Chinese courses All Learning Reviews

Want to learn Chinese online? Here are some courses you can buy (or watch for free):

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Drip drip drip Beginner Story

How can you deal with a leaky pipe?

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Badminton Beginner Culture

Badminton is a great sport, and is particularly popular in China. Here is some background and vocabulary you can use to describe it:

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