Mandarin Weekly #4

The latest issue of Mandarin Weekly (#4) is out!    You can read it here, or have it delivered via e-mail via the form on this page.

This week’s issue includes  blog posts and answers on the following topics:

  • How to learn Chinese grammar: Sentence patterns, particles and conjunctions
  • So you want to take the HSK? Here are 9 Tips!
  • Another Chinese song to learn from: 王力宏 Wang Leehom《就是現在》”Now Is the Time”
  • Differences between 干,办,做,搞,弄
  • What are some good Mandarin-language TV series for beginners?
  • How to say ‘never’ in Mandarin Chinese?
  • The Mandarin version of “that” in joining clauses or sentences

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