List of Chinese-learning feeds

This is the list of blogs and Web sites I read when compiling each issue of Mandarin Weekly. You can read them all yourself, or get a list of the best links sent to you every Monday by filling out the form on the left. Some of these rarely produce high-quality information, while others are a veritable fount of wisdom.

Last updated: 9 November, 2015

If you know of a Web site or feed that isn’t included here, please let me know!

8 thoughts on “List of Chinese-learning feeds”

    1. Thanks; this site is already in the list that I review each week (using (Indeed, issue #41 included a mention of your story, the rich man and the fisherman.) I need to update the list of resources listed here, so that it’ll more accurately reflect the approximately 130 blogs and sites I look at. Thanks for your support and interest!

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