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ImageHave you ever wanted to generate lists of unknown words from Chinese text?

Chinese Text Analyser (CTA) is a tool for doing just that. It keeps track of your known vocabulary and can generate lists of unknown words from any Chinese text, sorted by frequency (or other  metrics), so you can prioritise which words to learn to get the biggest improvement in understanding.

CTA can analyse a typical Chinese novel in under a second, making it quick and easy to extract vocabulary, compare texts and find content suited to your current level.

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Using 由 (yóu) Advanced Grammar Video

How do you use 由? Here is a video giving you clear examples:

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Doubled words Intermediate Grammar

Sometimes, a word (or character) in Chinese will be doubled — for emphasis, or to change the meaning a bit. Here is an explanation of the doubling patterns:

Prepositions Intermediate Grammar

Using prepositions correctly is often a marker of fluency in a language. Here are some prepositions you can and should incorporate into your Chinese:

Twitter: @FluentU

How many words? How many characters? All Characters Learning

When someone hears that I’m learning Chinese, they often ask me how many characters are in the language. It turns out, there are even more than I thought! This article explains things well, including the distinction between characters and words:

Twitter: @MyTutorMandarin

The sad story of 丧 (sàng) Intermediate Vocabulary Culture

The character 丧 has to do with sadness, bitterness, and depression. Not what you would expect from a popular character, as this article describes:

Twitter: @WorldOfChinese

No big deal Beginner Vocabulary Video

It’s not a big deal? Then tell them so, in Chinese, as shown in this video:

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Frequently used sentences Beginner Vocabulary Grammar

If you’re going to China for the first time, then you will want this list of common phrases and sentences to help you through your interactions:

Oscars in Chinese! All Vocabulary

The Oscars (i.e., US film industry) awards were given out on Sunday night. How can you discuss the awards and nominees in Chinese? Here’s a great article to help you out:

Twitter: @WrittenChinese

Lantern Festival All Culture

Just a few days ago, people in China celebrated the Lantern Festival. What is it, and how is it celebrated? Here’s all you need to know:

More homophones Intermediate Pronunciation

Last week, we shared some words that sound very similar, but have differnet meanings. Here are a few more:

Twitter: @hutongschool

One learner’s Mandarin journey All Learning

An introduction to Chinese, and some thoughts about learning the language, from someone doing so for about two years:

Practicing your Chinese All Learning

Learning Chinese, but don’t have someone with whom you can practice speaking? Here are some tips for finding language partners:

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Using 很 (hěn) Beginner Grammar Video

How do you describe things? You will probably want to use 很 quite a bit:

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Celebrating Spring Festival Intermediate Story

The Spring Festival might be behind us, but you can still read a story about it, and how it’s celebrated:

English words from Chinese All Vocabulary

Every language borrows from other languages. Did you know, though, how many words English has borrowed from Chinese? Here are some examples:

Twitter: @ChineseLanguage

Using 把 (bǎ) correctly Intermediate Grammar Video

How can you use 把 in your Chinese? Here is a good explanation, with examples:

Twitter: @Fluent_Mandarin

Blocked sites Intermediate Expressions Culture

Is your favorite Web site blocked? Learn how to discuss it in Chinese:

Vocabulary challenge All Learning

Hacking Chinese is back with another challenge, this time in improving your vocabulary:

Twitter: @HackingChinese

The year of the Dog! Intermediate Expressions

It’s the Year of the Dog, which means that dog-related expressions are in vogue. Here are some you can use:

Twitter: @AlsSydney

What did you say? Intermediate Grammar

Did someone speak with you in Chinese, but you’re not sure what they said? Here are some ways to tell them you’re baffled:

Twitter: @MandarinHQ

Taking a picture Beginner Story

Here’s a short story about taking a photo:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

Kaifeng history Advanced Story

The city of 开封 has lots of history, as described in this story:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

What’s important to you? Intermediate Story

Do men and women value the same things? Not according to this story:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

Vowel pronunciation Beginner Pronunciation

Vowels in Chinese are pronounced in a certain way. You can get some tips on accurate pronunciation here:

Twitter: @FluentU

Tinycards Beginner Reviews

Tinycards is a new product to help you improve your Chinese via flashcards. Here’s a review:

Twitter: @Ltlmandarin

Lantern Festival Beginner Vocabulary Culture Video

Learn all about the Lantern Festival, including the vocabulary you need to celebrate it, here:

Twitter: @ECLSchool

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Work at Concordia Language Villages All Sponsored

森林湖 (Sēn Lín Hú), Concordia Language Villages’ Mandarin language and culture immersion program, is currently accepting employment applications for Summer 2018. To apply, just follow the link:

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