Mandarin Weekly #27: Resources for students of Mandarin #Chinese

Issue #27 of Mandarin Weekly, with links and resources for people learning Mandarin Chinese, is available at

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This week’s topics:

  • Learn to read Chinese using bigrams
  • Finishing what you started
  • Sentence order matters!
  • How learned are you?
  • Yet more Internet slang
  • Writing down Mandarin
  • Oddities of Yunnan
  • Learning strategies
  • Directions in Chinese
  • Review of HelloChinese
  • 好像 vs. 像
  • Can you learn Chinese without living in China?
  • How do you say “Mandarin” in Chinese?
  • “Come here”
  • Pinyin inputs
  • Where can you practice listening?
  • Uses for 对
  • The difference between 长 and 涨

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