Mandarin Weekly #25: Resources for students of Mandarin #Chinese

Issue #25 of Mandarin Weekly, with links and resources for people learning Mandarin Chinese, is available at

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This week’s topics:

  • Words with multiple meanings
  • When to use the particle 呢 (ne)
  • What do you do?
  • “Let me think about it”
  • Remembering characters
  • Online buzzwords
  • Android apps
  • Useful questions, part 2
  • Hearing the differences
  • Percentages and discounts
  • Where is the negative?
  • Undermining, or short selling?
  • Is HSK 6 worthwhile?
  • Just now?
  • I want, I want
  • Six months? Or the sixth month?
  • Wearing vs. putting on

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