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Chinese films of the year Advanced Culture

What Chinese films were most worth watching last year? Here is a rundown of the best of 2017:

Twitter: @WorldOfChinese

Internet slang of 2017 Intermediate Culture Vocabulary

What Internet slang words were hottest in 2017? Look at this list, and see if you’re up to date with the latest phrases:

Twitter: @WorldOfChinese

What are you doing? Beginner Grammar

What are you doing? That’s a pretty simple question, but the answers can be complex, as shown here:

Twitter: @ChineseLanguage

Using question words Beginner Grammar Video

How do you use question words in Chinese? This video should help to set you straight:

Twitter: @Fluent_Mandarin

How to type in Chinese All Characters

Typing in Chinese is crticial if you use a computer or a phone — which, given that you’re reading this newsletter, seems like a reasonable bet. How can you write Chinese? Here are some tips:

Twitter: @FluentU

Writing Chinese characters Beginner Characters

Of course, characters are traditionally written in ink, not on a computer. How can you get started with writing characters, and also practicing them?

Twitter: @FluentU

Internet slang of 2017 Intermediate Culture Vocabulary

It’s the end of the year, and thus lists of “the ___ of 2017” are appearing all over. Here’s another list of hot Internet slang:

Twitter: @WrittenChinese

Colorful language Intermediate Expressions

Every language has expressions that include colors , and Chinese is no exception. Here are some colorful expressions you can use in your own speech:

Twitter: @ECLSchool

Sleep more, learn more All Learning

Does getting more sleep help you to learn Chinese better?

Twitter: @MandarinBP

Sharing bicycles All Travel

Chinese cities have tons of for-rent bicycles. How can you rent and use them, and what are some tips for doing so?

Yes, but… Intermediate Grammar

What are some conjunctions (and, or, but, etc.) you can use in your Chinese? Here’s a complete list and guide:

Happy New Year! Beginner Expressions

How can you wish someone a Happy New Year in Chinese? Here are a bunch of ways to do so:

Beginner vs. Advanced methods All Learning

How should you study Chinese? And do these techniques change over time? This article discusses how beginning and advanced Chinese students should adjust their learning techniques over time:

Twitter: @DigMandarin

Visiting Zhāngjiākǒu Advanced Story Travel

Want to visit Zhāngjiākǒu? What, you haven’t heard of it? Here’s a short story telling you about this city:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

Quitting time Beginner Story

Thinking of quitting from your job? Here’s a story on the subject:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

Happy New Year! Beginner Story

2018 has started, and here’s a story about celebrating the new year:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

The “most” words Intermediate Grammar

How can you say “the most,” given that there are several Chinese words that express this idea?

In the future Advanced Grammar

How can you express the “future perfect” tense in Chinese?

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