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Do you have any? Beginner Video Grammar

Do you have something? Here’s a cute video (from Chinese Buddy) indicating how you can indicate that you do (or don’t) have something in Chinese:

Are you? Beginner Video Grammar

The verb “to be” can be a bit tricky at the start in Chinese. Here is a short song that shows you how to use it:

Twitter: @ChineseBuddy

Oh, waiter! Beginner Food Culture

If you go to a restaurant in China, the chances are good that they won’t know English. That’s fine; it’ll give you a chance to practice your Chinese! Here are some useful vocabulary words to use when you go and eat in China for the first time:

Twitter: @ChineseLanguage

Sayings for life Intermediate Expressions

Want some inspiration for a successful life? Here are some good ones to remember — and use:

Twitter: @DigMandarin

Eating inedibles Intermediate Vocabulary

Chinese has a number of expressions that involve “eating” something that cannot be eaten — such as vinegar and money. Here’s an introduction to these expressions:

Twitter: @ECLSchool

Free Chinese books Advanced Learning

You probably want to read more in Chinese, including Chinese-language books. But if you’re on a budget, maybe you’re looking for free books to read. Here is a list of where you can obtain such free books:

Twitter: @FluentU

Speaking challenge All Learning

Hacking Chinese is back with another challenge, this time for speaking. How much Chinese can you speak this month, and can you improve your ability during this time? More details, including how to sign up and join the community, are here:

Twitter: @HackingChinese

All about discounts Intermediate Grammar Video

When you go to China, you might well have to (or just want to) bargain at stores. How do you bargain? What phrases will help you in your negotiations? This video will show you how to negotiate:

Twitter: @YoYoChinese

Bad student expressions Intermediate Grammar Video

Are you a good student? Then don’t worry about it — but if you’re not, you’re going to need to discuss your badness! Here are some good expressions to use when thinking up excuses:

Twitter: @chineseclass101

Using 过 (guò) Beginner Grammar

The character 过 is used in a number of ways. In this post, we learn how it can be used to describe crossing the street or celebrating a birthday:

Twitter: @MandarinBP

Ultimate grammar guide All Grammar

If you’re learning Chinese, then you’re also learning Chinese grammar. Here is one of the longest and most complete one-page guides you’re likely to find:

Sex and relationships Intermediate Vocabulary

Sex and relationships are part of life in China as much as everywhere else. How can (or should) you discuss it, and what informal terms are used?

Twitter: @WorldOfChinese

Power of attorney Intermediate Vocabulary

Can you trust your landlord in China? Moreover, can or should you give him power of attorney? Here’s a short story, and some useful vocabulary, on the subject:

Pickup lines Advanced Vocabulary Video

In this video, we see someone (who calls himself the “pickup king”) try his lines on strangers. Do they work? Maybe not, but at least you can learn some Chinese as you follow along. Translations and explanations follow the video, if it’s too hard/fast for you:

Twitter: @MyTutorMandarin

Folktales (part 2) All Culture

Last week, we looked at some Chinese folktales. But as you might expect or know, there are lots of additional stories to tell:

Twitter: @MyTutorMandarin

Improve your memory All Learning

Part of language learning involves memory. How can you improve your memory, and thus your language learning? Here are some tips:

Giving up Intermediate Story

You can’t give up midway through something, as this story teaches:

Twitter: @imandarinpod

Every other week Advanced Grammar

How can you express the idea of “every n days” or “every x weeks”? The answers here shed a great deal of light on this subject:

Talking about God Intermediate Vocabulary

How can we talk about “God,” or even multiple “gods,” in Chinese?

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