Mandarin Weekly #18

Mandarin Weekly #18, with links to resources for people learning Mandarin Chinese, is now available at

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  • Investment words in Chinese
  • Keeping track of your tones
  • Mother’s Day
  • Backgrounds to some Chinese characters
  • Chinese fonts
  • How do order meat dishes in Chinese
  • Cat surprise!
  • 9 Chinese-learning Twitter feeds
  • Chinese house tour
  • When you swap characters, what happens to the meaning?
  • Do different nationalities have different accents?
  • When should you use 是吗 and when should you use 是不是?
  • When can I omit 个 (ge) ?
  • Asking for another room key
  • In 有所 (yǒu suǒ), what does 所 (suǒ) mean?

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